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Quantel develops a Q-switched Er:YAG laser at 2.94um for Laser Induced Damage Testing of nanotextured optics.  

A recent article in Laser Focus World by James Nole, director of business at TelAztec, discusses the advancement of “motheye” nanotextured optics. Pulsed laser damage tests conducted by Quantel at a wavelength of 2.94μm show damage thresholds for motheye AR-microstructures etched in ZnSe that are five times higher than thin-film AR-coated ZnSe.

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New Quantel product catalogue

Quantel is pleased to announce that its new product catalogue is now available.
This second edition describes our 2014 new products and allows at a glance to have an overview of Quantel products for scientific and industrial applications.

New Innovative State-of-the-Art products from Quantel

During Photonics West 2014, Quantel introduced several new products to strengthen its position as the worldwide leader for compact nanosecond pulsed laser. Find out specifications of the Q-smart, DRL and Evergreen series, the new benchmarks in Nd:YAG oscillators.