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Upcoming shows and conferences

Lumibird at shows and conferences in 2019

Meet the Lumibird Sales Teams at shows and conferences in countries such as France,
Germany, U.K., Russia, China and the USA.
This calendar is subject to change.


05-09 June 2017

DAMOP 2017

Sacramento, CA, USA

Quantel Booth

11-16 June 2017


Pisa, Italy

Quantel Booth

15-20 June 2017

CPPA 2017

Bucarest, Romania

Histeresis Booth

19-21 June 2017

ISPIV 2017

Busan, South Korea

Qbic Laser Booth

19-23 June 2017


Champaign-Urbana, IL, USA

Quantel Booth

20-23 June 2017

LIC 2017 Laser Ignition Conference

Bucarest, Romania

Histeresis Booth

25-30 June 2017

ILRC Laser Radar Conference

Bucarest, Romania

Quantel Booth

26-29 June 2017


Munich, Germany

Quantel Booth