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Twins BSL

Double-pulse Nd:YAG systems

Twins BSL

The Twins BSL feature two rugged Ultra or CFR lasers mounted side by side. The beams are combined in a single optical axis. Models are available at 1064 nm (GRM) for double-pulse LIBS or at 266 nm (stable) for PIV. Precise beam overlap and complete timing control allows the user to create two perfectly overlapped light sheets for the most rigorous of PIV applications.

  • Extended temperature performance
  • Guaranteed beam overlap and laser alignment
  • Specially configured for LIBS and PIV
  • Push button selector for 266 nm
  • Longer umbilical choices
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ModelTwins BSL 100Twins BSL 200Twins BSL 330
Repetion rate (Hz) 10/15 10/15 10/15
Energy @ 1064 nm (mJ) 2 x 100 2 x 200 2 x 230
Energy @ 532 nm (mJ) On request
Energy @ 355 nm (mJ) - - -
Energy @ 266 nm (mJ) - - 2 x 30

The Twins BSL is an ideal laser for harsh particle imaging velocimetry installations where temperatures may be extreme. Designed to operate continuously from 10-40°C, the Twins BSL offers a degree of ruggedization not found with mere scientific YAGs.  The Twins BSL allows the scientist to concentrate on the vector field results, not the laser.

The Twins BSL is a dual 532 nm laser system available in two energies: 140mJ or 200 mJ.  Additional wavelengths such as 266nm can be order and are activated by push button without the need to phasematch or align.

 Nitrosealing the heads renders the lasers’ optical paths impervious to fouling or damage from seeding particulate, dust or combustion exhausts. Our selection of uniform, round beams assures smooth thin light sheets. Your choice of umbilical lengths means the laser head is never far from the action.

  • Double pulse LIBS
  • LIF
  • PIV
  • Laser ultrasound
  • etc.
Twins BSL warranty
  • Twins BSL systems and optics are guaranteed for 1 year.
  • Flashlamps are guaranteed for up to 50 million shots (80% of energy) or for 1 year, whichever comes first.
  • Warranty covers parts & labor.
  • If the laser is repaired at a Quantel facility, shipment is paid one way by Quantel, one way by the customer.
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