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EverGreen (70-200 mJ @ 532 nm)

A state of the art laser for PIV

Double-pulse Nd:YAG systems

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The EverGreen is a dual pulsed laser for PIV applications with a choice of pulse energies and repetition rates: 70 mJ, 145 mJ or 200 mJ at 15 Hz and  100 mJ at 25 Hz. The system consists of a single laser head with a single power supply. The EverGreen delivers a perfect combination of precisely overlapped 532 nm beams in a rugged, compact package. In addition Quantel also offers a version with 30 mJ at 266 nm with a repetition rate of 15 Hz.

  • 2-year warranty including beam overlap
  • Low energy alignment mode button
  • Flashlamp lifetime guaranteed for 100 million shots
  • Grab and go handles
  • System parameters stored in laser head
  • Built to withstand harsh environments
  • Temperature cycled and vibration tested
  • Quick connect umbilicals
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ModelEverGreen 70
EverGreen 145
EverGreen 200
EverGreen 25100 EverGreen 30266
Wavelength (nm) 532 266
Repetition rate (Hz) 15 25 15
Energy (mJ) 70 145 200 100 30
Dimensions in mm [inches]
(H x L x W)
Optical laser head 102 x 400 x 151
[4 x 15.7 x 5.9]
Integrated Cooling and Electronic (ICE) 406 x 500 x 236
[16 x 19.7 x 9.3]
Weight in kg [lbs.]  Optical laser head 7 [15.5]
Integrated Cooling and Electronic (ICE) 18 [40]


The EverGreen is the ideal laser for particle imaging velocimetry applications as it features precisely overlapped beams, designed to minimize correlation noise. The EverGreen allows the scientist to concentrate on the vector field results, not the laser.

The EverGreen is a dual 532 nm laser system available with a choice of pulse energies and repetition rates: 70 mJ, 145 mJ or 200 mJ at 15 Hz and 100 mJ at 25 Hz. Quantel also offers a version with 30 mJ at 266 nm with repetition rate of 15 Hz.

The EverGreen incorporates two lasers in a single, rugged monoblock to guarantee perfect alignment and uniform light sheets. It requires no user alignment, ever.

The laser head electronics seamlessly connects the monoblock head to the universal powersupply. This makes user calibration a thing of the past. The single head and single power supply both in a rugged compact package simplifies your experiment.

  • LIBS
  • PIV
  • Laser ultrasound
  • etc.
EverGreen warranty
  • EverGreen systems, optics and beam overlap are guaranteed for 2 years.
  • Flashlamps are guaranteed for to 100 million shots (80% of energy) or for 1 year, whichever comes first.
  • Warranty covers parts & labor.
  • If the laser is repaired at a Quantel facility, shipment is paid one way by Quantel, one way by the customer.

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