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Dual QCW linear stacked array

QCW diode bars & stacks


Dual QCW linear stacked array

QD-Q1yzz-Lx is a conductively cooled dual laser diode stacked array designed for very compact arrangement of x = 2 to 5 stacks, each stack having 1 to 10 diode bars. These stacks are connected in series with very tight spacing between arrays. Other configurations are available (3, 4, 5 stacks).

  • QCW operation
  • Highly compact design
  • Custom multi-stacks design available up to 5 stacks
  • Wavelengths: 795-830 nm, 880 nm and 9xx nm
  • Low thermal resistance assembly
  • Mechanically robust, shock and vibration resistant
  • Approved for defense and space applications
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Number of diode bars (zz =) up to 6 times 12 bars
Pitch between diode bars (µm) 330 to few 1000 s
Emission area (mm²) upon packaging
QCW otical pwer per diode bar (W) up to 400
Operating current (A)
@ 100 W / bar
95 Typ. - 115 max.
Operating current (A)
@ 200 W / bar
185 Typ. - 215 max.
Operating current (A)
@ 400 W / bar
370 Typ. - 390 max.
Operating voltage (Volt) < 2 / bar
Total efficiency (%) 58 % @ 808 nm
65 % @ 940/980 nm
Wavelength (nm) 790 to 980
Spectral width (nm) (FWHM) 3
Beam divergence (°C) (FWHM) 8 x 36

Specifications @ 25°C

Note :

  • Standard Polarisation: TM or TE mode @ 808 nm, TE @ 9xx nm
  • Variation of wavelength with temperature is approximately 0.26 nm/°C
  • Standard tolerance on wavelength is +/- 3 nm, +/- 1.5 nm upon request
  • Possibility of “custom design” with array with different number of stacks
  • Double or triple quantum well bars available (ex: 400 W @ 200 A & 4 V)
  • FAC collimation starting from 400 µm pitch
  • Specifications are for nominal lifetime > 1. 109 pulses @ +25°C (for 200 µs pulse width)

    Absolute maximum ratings


    Pulse width (µs) 5000
    Max. duty cycle (%) 3
    Reverse voltage (Volt) 3
    Operating temperature (°C)  -40 to 5
    Storage temperature (°C) -55 to 5

    Note : Operation at temperature below dew point requests to use dry N2 environment.

QD-Q1yzz-L2 is a conductively cooled dual laser diode stacked array designed for very compact arrangement of stacks, each with 1 to 10 diode bars. These stacks are connected in series with very tight spacing between arrays. Other configurations are available (3, 4, 5 stacks).

The laser diode bar arrays benefit from fully developed technology, designed for improved efficiency and reliable operation.

Using AuSn hard solder technology, the assembly has been optimized to reduce thermal resistance. Using Quantel Laser Diode’s proprietary hard solder technology, different diode arrays can be packaged for customer defined heat-sinks. This enables the manufacturing of compact and complex customized pumping heads.

These stacks are ideal for pumping rods or slab solid state lasers for a broad range of aerospace, defense, industrial and space application.

  • Ablation
  • Engraving
  • Flat panel display
  • LIBS
  • LIF
  • Surface treatment
  • Spectroscopy
  • Marking
  • Shockwave generation
  • Pumping
  • PLD
  • Remote sensing
  • Pointer
  • Designator
  • Illuminator
  • Range finder
  • Defense & Security
  • etc.
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  • if the Products have been submitted to abnormal conditions (mechanical, electrical or thermal) during installation or use; or, 
  • if the defectiveness of the Products has resulted from exceeding the maximum values for usage (temperature limit, maximum voltage, etc...) defined by Vendor, from an incorrect choice of application or from a design made by the Buyer.
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Laser diodes accessories

Driver, cooling, etc. available on request.

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