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Double-pulse Nd:YAG systems


EverBright (150-250 mJ @ 1064 nm)

Applications :  LIBS, Laser ultrasound

The EverBright is a new laser for double pulse LIBS applications.The EverB...


EverGreen (70-200 mJ @ 532 nm)

Applications :  LIBS, PIV, Laser ultrasound

The EverGreen is a dual pulsed laser for PIV applications with a choice of pulse energies...


EverGreen HP (50-340 mJ @ 532 nm)

Applications :  PIV

The EverGreen HP (High Power) is a dual pulsed laser for PIV applications. It us...


Q-smart Twins (380 mJ @ 532 nm)

Applications :  Holography, LIBS, PLIF, LIF, PIV

The Q-smart Twins combines two proven Q-smart 850 lasers to achieve dual pulses in IR, vi...