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YAG laser system

Photonics Spectra (

10 June 2015 USABack


LES ULIS, France, June 10, 2015 — Quantel Laser Q-Smart TwinsQuantel Laser (Quantel SA) has announced the Q-Smart Twins, a YAG laser system designed for researchers performing particle image velocimetry, laser-induced fluorescence, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy and holography experiments.

The system packages two Q-Smart 850 pulsed Nd:YAG laser heads in a user-installable platform. The heads include quick-connect cables, allowing their removal for other experiments and reintegration into the platform.

Harmonic generators, available in 532, 365, 266 and 213 nm, include an automatic phase matching feature to enable automatic tuning of the crystals. Beam quality and tight divergence permits the production of large, thin light sheets required for 1:1 scale and 3-D measurements.


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