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Quantel Laser wins $7m contract to supply lasers to defence contractor

by Electro-Ocptics

23 June 2015 Back


Quantel Laser, a leader in the design and manufacture of high-power, solid-state lasers for Scientific, Industrial, Military and Medical applications, announced that it has been awarded a $7M, multi-year contract to supply military lasers to a Tier I defense contractor.

This contract covers a specific production series of lasers designed to be built into a wing-mounted fighter aircraft pod, such as the French Rafale. The laser is integral to the system, providing critical telemetry as well as target designation functions. This contract follows Quantel’s successful development of the compact, ruggedized laser source as well as delivery of several earlier production runs.

“Over the years, Quantel has built a strong reputation with the top tier defense contractors,” commented Patrick Maine, President of Quantel’s Industrial and Scientific Laser Division, “These types of applications are very demanding, requiring lasers that can operate in harsh and widely varying environmental conditions. Of course, this is one of our specialties at Quantel.”

“We’re pleased to have the continued support of our key defense customers,” said Alain de Salaberry, CEO of Quantel Group. “This long term contract, along with other recently announced contracts, puts Quantel in a fantastic position to deliver on our long term growth goals.”

The military lasers will be manufactured in Quantel’s facilities in the US and France and will be delivered over a span of several years.

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