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Quantel Laser partners with Titan Electro-Optics to open China service center

by Laser Focus World Editors

25 October 2016 Back


Quantel Laser, a manufacturer of high-power, solid-state lasers, has opened a new service center in China at the offices of their long-time partner, Titan Electro-Optics (TEO; Beijing). The service center, inaugurated at a gala opening ceremony, will provide local service to all Quantel customers in China. Local service will also be available at the company’s offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Growth in the photonics market in China continues to outpace most other global regions, with projected continued growth of 10-15% per year for the next five years. This growth is driven both by strong government R&D support as well as by a shift from low-end manufacturing to high-end, value-added manufacturing. At the 2015 Lasers and Photonics Marketplace Seminar, Quihong Gong, vice president and secretary general of the Chinese Optical Society highlighted more than 200 optics-related higher education institutes in China. Earlier this year, the LASER World of Photonics China conference closed with record attendance numbers, up 13% from last year’s record.numbers.

Quantel’s growth in China tracks these general market trends with strong growth in both R&D applications as well as in manufacturing and other industrial applications. In addition to Quantel’s direct business, the service center is designed to support Quantel’s numerous OEM customers who integrate Quantel lasers into their own equipment and instruments and sell into China through their own channels.

“The number of Quantel lasers in China has grown exponentially over the past several years," commented Greg Smolka, vice president of sales and marketing at Quantel. “TEO has done a great job expanding our direct sales into China, especially in applications like lidar and flat panel display manufacturing. This new service center, however, will also support our many OEM customers who have seen significant growth in China.”

David Ding, CEO of Titan Electro-Optics, added, "The establishment of the Quantel Laser-China Service Center opens a new chapter of deep cooperation for Quantel and TEO. It will improve the quality and availability of service to Chinese customers significantly." 

Source: Quantel Laser


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