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Wednesday May 23: presentation at OptDiag in Paris, France.

14 May 2018 Back


Céline Canal will present "Short-pulse laser diode sources enabling handheld photoacoustic devices for deep tissue imaging" at "OptDiag 2018", to be held at Institut Langevin, in Paris.

Authors: C. Canal, A. Laugustin, A. Kohl, O. Rabot

Abstract: Photoacoustic imaging (PAI) has repeatedly demonstrated its high potential for early detection of different diseases such as skin and thyroid cancer, cardiovascular diseases or rheumatology. One of the hurdles for its introduction to the clinic is the bulkiness and price of the laser source. Major advances have been made these last years in pulsed laser diodes, offering portability and affordability for photoacoustic medical systems.

PAI systems based on laser diode illumination currently provide images of superficial blood vessels only. This paper will describe how recent progress in both laser diode technology and its associated driver electronics led to a major increase in peak power by drastically reducing the pulse duration. This is a key to image deep biological tissues at a low cost, therefore allowing PAI to be introduced into the clinic for a much larger range of medical diagnosis. Examples of applications will be given in rheumatology, cardiovascular diseases and oncology, for which integration of laser diodes into PAI systems has successfully been demonstrated.

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