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Tuesday 30 January: Paper presentation "Ultracompact hermetic laser diode modules for harsh environment"

Guillaume Canat (Keopsys Group) will present the paper "Ultracompact hermetic laser diode modules for harsh environment" at Photonics West, San Francisco, USA.

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Y. Candela, G. Canat, S. Rouxel, M. Verdun, F. Nicolas, S. Bordais, M. Le Flohic


We report on a high brightness fiber coupled single element laser diode and its assessment on various harsh conditions.The Ultra Compact Hermetic (UCH) modules (0.7 cm3) are manufactured using a totally glue free process owing toproprietary weld processes and a controlled inner atmosphere. They deliver up to 10W out of the fiber at 25 °C and morethan 8W at 60° C for λ=940nm. UCH modules emitting at 830nm also deliver more than 4.8W at 25°C. We report on therobust behavior of the UCH modules in harsh environment such as vibrations and exposure to radiationsKeywords: single emitter; laser diode; reliability.

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