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Quantel Laser releases next generation scanning dye laser

LIF and High Resolution Spectroscopy Applications Simplified with Intuitive Design

15 February 2016 Back


Paris, France – Quantel Laser, a leader in the design and manufacture of high-power, solid-state lasers for Scientific, Industrial, Military and Medical applications, today announced the release of the Q-scan, a high-resolution, scanning, nanosecond dye laser specifically designed to address diverse spectroscopy applications ranging from laser induced fluorescence (LIF) to Coherent, anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy (CARS). This laser will be displayed for the first time at the Photonics West 2016 trade show in San Francisco, USA.

For many spectroscopy applications, especially gas studies, wide wavelength tunability and high resolution is required to precisely excite specific species.  For example, combustion analyses focus on the study of OH, CH, CO and NO species.  These species are excited by specific wavelengths such as 226, 248, 281 or 390 nm.  The ability to simply and easily switch between wavelengths is critical. 

Quantel designed a number of features into the Q-scan enabling fast, accurate measurements, allowing users to spend time on their experiments rather than on their laser.

The Q-scan utilizes ultra-high precision mechanics to ensure extreme absolute wavelength accuracy (<10 pm) and reproducibility (<5 pm). Rapid reconfigurability enables users to switch gratings without realignment, providing a wide fundamental tuning range from 360 nm to 900 nm.  The Q-scan’s exceptional linearity (<2 pm) ensures highest wavelength accuracy during scan.  Quick change, “plug and play” dye cells and integrated look-up tables for nonlinear crystals means that wide wavelength scans are quick and easy.

“The Q-scan tunable dye laser joins our Q-smart pulsed YAG laser family, offering customers unprecedented ease of use in the smallest package in the market,” commented Emilie Colin, Product Line Manager at Quantel.  “They really appreciate the time saved between wavelength changes and how quickly different lines can be probed.”

“Our customers appreciate the ease and convenience of a single, compact package containing both the Q-Smart pump laser and the Q-scan dye laser,” said Gregory Smolka, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Quantel.  “If we can help our customers get answers quicker, then we’ve succeeded in our product designs.”

Higher energy levels are available by pumping the Q-scan with Quantel’s YG laser series.


Key features

  • Scan over a wide spectral range: 200-4500 nm
  • Extreme wavelength accuracy, reproducibility and linearity
  • High efficiency- Excellent beam quality
  • User friendly:
    • Quick dye change
    • Easy scan with integrated look-up tables for non-linear optics
    • Integrated beam deviation compensator
  • Fully integrated system with Nd:YAG pump lasers

The Q-scan, along with Quantel Laser’s entire line of lasers including compact, industrial, pulsed nanosecond lasers, fiber lasers, laser diode stacks and tunable laser solutions will be showcased at Photonics West in San Francisco, USA from February 16-18, 2016. 

Quantel Laser is located at Booth #2123.

Further information about Quantel’s Q-scan is available direct at or through an authorized Quantel representative.

For more information on this or any other Quantel product, please contact a customer service representative at: 1-877- QUANTEL, 1-877-782-6835.

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