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Quantel Laser releases high power, 2 kW, Red (640 nm) QCW laser diode stacks for medical, photoacoustic & DPSSL applications.

40% Efficiency Drives Market Leading Performance in QCW Stacks or Fiber Coupled Packages.

13 February 2016 Back


Paris, France – Quantel Laser, a leader in the design and manufacture of high-power, solid-state lasers and laser diodes for Scientific, Industrial, Military and Medical applications, today announced the release of a very high peak power 640 nm diode stack targeted at applications in ophthalmology, photoacoustic imaging, and DPSSL pumping.

New visible semiconductor developments enable very high peak power laser diode arrays.  Quantel, with a long history of diode packaging expertise, has designed these devices into multiple different industry standard packages including stacks of bars and fiber coupled devices.  Quantel’s new products offer performance of  up to 2kW peak power at 640 nm in a diode stack, 50 W peak power (or 16 W CW) in 400 µm fiber coupled package and 30 W peak power (10 W in CW) in 200 µm core fiber.

With 40% efficiency at 25°C, QLD continues to offer the highest performance on the market.

This 640 nm wavelength is now available in all QLD packaging; single bar, stack, fiber, large array, as well as other industry standard packages.

This wavelength is also available in the recently announced Laser Diode Illuminator product.

In this configuration, the source produces 1 mJ of 640 nm energy at pulse widths from 20 to 150 ns.

Key features

  • Up to 100 W per bar in QCW mode
  • Up to 20 W par bar in CW mode
  • Many Industry standard stacks available at this wavelength (see our website)
  • Fast axis collimation FAC, 0.5° FHWM divergence
  • Wavelength 635 +/- 5 nm @ 25°C
  • Efficiency: 40% at 25°C
  • Conductively cooled;  Water or TEC cooled also available
  • Pulse duration from 20ns to CW mode
  • Divergence: 40° x 10° or 0.5° x 10° with FAC (other values on demand)
  • Lifetime > 1 Bshots

The innovative 640 nm Red QCW stack, along with Quantel Laser Diodes’ entire line of QCW laser diodes including high peak power, high temperature, and low divergence, for industrial, medical and defense markets will be showcased at Photonics West Booth 2123.

Further information about Quantel’s stack options are available direct at or through an authorized Quantel representative.

For more information on this or any other Quantel Laser Diodes product, please contact the sales service representative at: +33 1 69 29 16 49. 

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