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Quantel Laser releases high energy, very short pulse laser diode illuminator for photoacoustic imaging, active imaging & 3D scanner applications

Features adjustable pulse width from 20 to 150 ns and up to 4 mJ in 2” by 2” package.

14 February 2016 Back


Paris, France – Quantel Laser, a leader in the design and manufacture of high-power, solid-state lasers and laser diodes for Scientific, Industrial, Military and Medical applications, today announced the release of a very high energy, short pulse Laser Diode Illuminator product. This high efficiency device has been optimized for use as an ultrasonic generator for photoacoustic imaging applications. Available in wavelengths from 640 to 1570 nm, the device is also finding use in active imaging and 3D scanner applications.

As laser based products become smaller and more portable, system designers increasingly need sources that can provide a very high energy to size ratio. Portable applications also require high efficiency to keep power requirements low.  Quantel’s Laser Diode Illuminator addresses these needs by delivering mJ class performance in a highly efficient and extremely compact package. Electrical to optical efficiencies of 30% are typical for this product, available in specific wavelengths ranging from red to infrared (640 nm to 1570 nm).   Pulse durations of 20 – 150 nanoseconds generate the high peak powers required for creation of ultrasound for photoacoustic imaging and rep rates up to 10 kHz enable blood flow visualization, cancer detection and other tissue imaging possibilities.

Quantel’s Laser Diode Illuminator achieves this performance by designing a single QCW laser diode stack, the driver and the power supplies into a compact 2” x 2” package. The QCW diode can be collimated in the fast axis, resulting in typical beam divergence of around 1 x 8 degree.

The device requires only a low voltage power supply and an external TTL trigger for simple operation.   

When operating at high average power the illuminator can be cooled with a TEC. 

“The Laser Diode Illuminator represents a breakthrough in performance,” said Olivier Rabot, General Manager of Quantel’s Laser Diode group.  “Such high peak powers have never been available before in such a small package.  And with such a wide array of available wavelengths and the high repetition rate capabilities, our customers are finding new applications for this product every day.”

Customized versions are available with options ranging from various input voltages, specific pulse duration or energy, fast axis collimation, integrated optical telescope, integrated cooling, custom packaging and more.

Key features

  • Up to 4 mJ at 808, 915,940 and 980 nm with 100 ns pulse width
  • Up to 1 mJ at 640, 1400-1570 nm
  • Few Hz to 10 kHz repetition rate
  • Pulse duration from 20 to 150 nm (above on demand)
  • Pulse duration adjustable +/- 20% around nominal value
  • Up to 20 W average power
  • Dual voltage (12V and 200V) or single low voltage option (12 or 24V)
  • Isolated TTL input trigger
  • 0.5 ns RMS pulse to pulse jitter

The Illuminator, along with Quantel Laser Diodes’ entire line of QCW laser diodes including high peak power, high temperature, and low divergence, for industrial, medical and defense markets will be showcased at Photonics West Booth 2123.

Further information about Quantel’s Illuminator options are available direct at or through an authorized Quantel representative. 

For more information on this or any other Quantel Laser Diodes product, please contact the sales service representative at: +33 1 69 29 16 49. 

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