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Quantel Laser releases double pulse YAG for PIV, LIBS, LIF and holography applications

Adjustable pulse separation, automatic phase matching and interchangeable harmonics highlight user-friendly system.

09 June 2015 Back


Quantel Q-smart Twins is a highly flexible, double pulse, YAG laser system designed for researchers performing Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF), Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) and Holography experiments.

Researchers in a number of applications require two highly-energetic, nanosecond pulses, variable in time, in order to visualize flows, image complex processes or to create plasmas for material analysis.  Different experiments often require vastly different beam properties, as pulse separation, focusability and laser wavelength are all critical to the measurement.  Flexibility in the laser source is highly valued by researchers looking to stretch their equipment dollars.  

The Q-smart Twins addresses this need by packaging two separate Q-smart 850 pulsed Nd:YAG laser heads in a compact, user installable platform.  The two heads include quick connect cables, allowing them to be removed for other experiments and seamlessly reintegrated into the Twins platform.  Harmonic Generators, available in 532 nm, 355 nm, 266 nm and 213 nm, include Quantel’s innovative Automatic Phase Matching (APM) feature, enabling intelligent, hands-off auto tuning of the crystals.  The Q-smart’s superior beam quality and tight divergence permit PIV researchers to produce the large, thin light sheets they require for 1:1 scale and 3D measurements. 

“Securing research funding is never easy,” said Emilie Colin, Product Line Manager for Scientific Lasers at Quantel.  “Our customers are looking to maximize their equipment investment by using their lasers in many different ways.  We designed the Q-smart series as a highly configurable, flexible platform for this very reason.” 

“The performance of the Q-smart series continues to set the technical benchmark for scientific pulsed YAG lasers” commented Greg Smolka, VP, Sales & Marketing.  “But beyond that, customers really appreciate that the flexibility, versatility and extended lifetime of the Q-smart Twins saves them tens of thousands of dollars in new equipment and maintenance costs.”

Key features

  • > 2 x 380 mJ / pulse at 532 nm
  • Variable pulse separation from 15 nsec to msec
  • Plug and play harmonics from 1064 nm to 213 nm
  • Intelligent auto-tuning of harmonics
  • Compact, user-installable
  • Quick connect cables
  • 100 million shot lamp lifetime guaranteed
  • Intuitive touch screen interface

The Q-smart Twins, along with Quantel Laser’s entire line of lasers including compact, industrial, pulsed nanosecond lasers, fiber lasers, laser diode stacks and tunable laser solutions will be showcased at the Laser World of PHOTONICS Trade Fair in Munich, Germany from June 22-25, 2015. Quantel Laser is located in Hall B3 at Booth 179.

For more information, visit the Q-smart Twins laser webpage

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