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Group will develop portable multi-wavelength photoacoustic imaging system targeting vulnerable plaque.

31 January 2017 Back


Quantel Laser today announced membership in the CVENT project, funded within the European Commission's Horizon 2020 Program. The consortium of 10 European partners aims to develop a portable photoacoustic/ultrasound imaging system for diagnosis and monitoring of vulnerable plaque.

Horizon 2020 is the largest-ever EU research and innovation program with nearly €80B in funding available over 7 years. 

Cardiovascular disease and vulnerable plaque rupture remain the major cause of death for people of middle age.  The objective of the CVENT consortium is the development of a portable multimodal and multiwavelength photoacoustic imaging system with a 3 cm imaging depth.  This will allow for the diagnosis and monitoring of carotid plaque vulnerability, ultimately enabling medical professionals to make better treatment decisions. 

Quantel has been selected to provide the high power, short pulse laser diode modules critical for image generation. This capability has been developed at Quantel through involvement in the 4 year European FULLPHASE project.  This project, requiring highly efficient short pulse diodes packaged in a handheld probe, demonstrated the potential in using a multi-wavelength diode package for photoacoustic imaging.

The multi-wavelength diodes we provided for FULLPHASE are very short pulse, about 90 nanoseconds or less, enabling photoacoustic imaging at a depth up to 15 mm,” said Celine Canal, CVENT Project Manager at Quantel. “We started with 7 kW to 40 kW of peak power and are now up to 100 kW for CVENT. This is accomplished by reducing the pulse width while maintaining high pulse energy (up to 4 mJ).  In addition, it is essential that the lasers are very efficient in order to minimize heat in the handpiece”

“Quantel is proud to be a partner in the CVENT consortium and we look forward to providing our R&D expertise in laser diodes to this ambitious project that can revolutionize diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases”, said Laurent Schneider-Maunoury, General Manager of the Quantel Group.

The CVENT team is a European Consortium composed of leading research groups, clinicians and industrial partners led by Esaote Europe.  Other Consortium members include: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Rurh-Universiteit Bochum, Université Paris Descartes, Quantel, Universiteit Twente, Universitaet Bern, Brightloop, Silios Technologies, TP21 GmbH. 

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