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Quantel expands laser damage test capability with addition of 193 nm laser

NIST Traceable Damage Test Facility Supports Laser Industry

12 February 2015 Back


Quantel Laser today announced the addition of a 193 nm laser to their world-class laser damage test facility located in Bozeman, MT.

>   San Francisco, CA – Quantel Laser, a leader in the design and manufacture of high-power, solid-state lasers for Scientific, Industrial, Military and Medical applications, today announced the addition of a 193 nm laser to their world-class laser damage test facility located in Bozeman, MT.  The Excimer laser allows Quantel Laser Damage Test customers to verify the integrity of critical optics and coatings for deep-ultraviolet applications ranging from semiconductor photolithography to ablation (mass spectrometry) to LASIK laser eye surgery.

For over 30 years, Quantel through its US facility in Bozeman, MT, has provided NIST-traceable laser damage testing of optics.  Quantel’s state-of-the-art test facilities offer laser damage thresholds, transmission measurements, and ensure critical optics can withstand expected laser fluence levels.  As applications utilizing 193 nm lasers expand, the importance of ensuring the reliability of the optical components is critical.  This is especially true at 193 nm, a wavelength that can rapidly damage optics.  

“Our customers asked us to add 193 nm test capability for several reasons,” said Jason Yager, General Manager of Quantel’s Laser Damage Test facility. “First, it is a wavelength that is just tough on optics and when one damages, there is always a question as to why.  Second, we know through years of experience that when we begin testing and providing that data back to our customers, their coating designs continue to improve, really helping the entire industry.”

Quantel’s Laser Damage Test facility is second to none in the world,” commented Mark Enright, CEO of Quantel USA.  “As a laser designer earlier in my career, I was a Quantel Laser Damage Test customer and saw the value that good data brings.  I’m pleased that we are able to support the industry by adding this key capability.” 

Key features

  • Laser Damage Testing at 193 nm
  • 5 day turnaround for results
  • Other Available Wavelengths: 266 nm, 355 nm, 488 nm, 514 nm, 532 nm, 694 nm, 755 nm, 1064 nm, 1.54 µm, 1.57 µm, 2.1 µm, 2.9 µm, 10.6 µm

In addition to the Laser Damage Testing, Quantel Laser also offers high power, pulsed nanosecond lasers, fiber lasers, laser diode stacks and custom laser solutions. 

For more information on this or any other Quantel product, please contact a customer service representative at: 1-877- QUANTEL, 1-877-782-68351-877-782-6835 FREE. 

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