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Quantel celebrates 30 years of Laser Induced Damage Testing

Pioneering Lab Helps Drive High Power Laser Performance Higher

25 August 2015 Back


Quantel Laser announced the 30th anniversary of Laser Damage Testing Services at their Bozeman, MT, USA location.

Since the invention of the laser in 1960, optical damage has been one of the major issues, limiting laser performance. Quantel Laser was the first independent laser damage test laboratory in the world and set the standard as the premier test facility aiding optics and coating companies in developing high power and high energy  components.  Initially founded as Montana Laser Optics, MLO merged with Big Sky Lasers in 1992 which was subsequently acquired by Quantel Laser in 1998.

Quantel’s Laser Induced Damage Test facility offers a full range of NIST-traceable laser exposure test services across a large spectrum of wavelengths from UV to Far-IR.  Its’ independent laser damage tests labs are designed and equipped to meet international ISO standards while providing laser damage thresholds, laser durability certifications, optical density measurements, reflectivity, temperature, vibration and specialty testing.

As laser wavelengths and new pulse regimes are introduced, Quantel test services continue to evolve to meet customers’ needs.  “The addition of a 193 nm excimer laser was announced in 2015 to support the development of deep-ultraviolet optics and coatings for applications ranging from semiconductor photolithograph to ablation (mass spectrometry) to LASIK laser eye surgery”, said Jason Yager, Quantel Damage Testing General Manager.

“Quantel’s Laser Damage Test Facility was the first of its kind when it began offering services back in 1985”, commented Mark Enright, CEO, Quantel USA.  “We’ve seen 30 years of optical component and coating development come through the lab.  We’re pleased to be able to continue to support the amazing engineers and developers in the industry.” 

Quantel’s Laser Induced Damage Test lab includes sources spanning from 193 nm to 10.6 µm.  Standard turnaround time is as fast as 24 hours.

For more information, visit our Quantel Laser Damage Testing pages.

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