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Presentation at IS Auto Europe 2018 in Munich Germany

16 April 2018 Back


Patrick Maine will present « How to improve robustness of automotive Lidars? »

Authors: Patrick Maine, Céline Canal,  Andreas Kohl

Abstract : LiDAR is a hot topic in order to bring autonomous vehicles on the roads. Current technologies designed to achieve a long detection range, a high resolution and a large field of view are based on scanning methods. However, most of them integrate moving optical parts, which tends to reduce the system reliability. This presentation will discuss cutting-edge lidar architectures without any scanning elements, and based on innovative semiconductor illumination solutions developed by Quantel Laser.

  • Trends in solid-state LiDARs
  • Challenges and design considerations of novel beam steering approaches and flash LiDARs
  • Short-pulse edge-emitter diode arrays

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