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New High Power and Reliable EYLSA Fiber Laser at 1100nm

23 August 2016 Back


The EYLSA is a rack-mounted CW fiber laser, specifically designed for scientific applications such as atom cooling and trapping. The EYLSA is available on the market since more than 2 years with different versions at different wavelengths (e.g. 780nm, 767nm, 532nm or 1550nm and 1064nm).

Quantel has recently made strong progresses on single frequency amplifiers from 1100nm to 1118nm by significantly reducing the FM/AM (frequency modulation to amplitude modulation) conversion phenomenon that occurs at the boundaries of the ytterbium amplification bandwidth. This work, which will be patented, allows Quantel to propose very high reliability single frequency lasers and amplifiers up to 3W on this bandwidth.  Optionally, Quantel can propose the visible version by doubling the wavelength through a bulk crystal.

The EYLSA combines all the attributes necessary to perform the most rigorous scientific experiments with unsurpassed reliability and zero maintenance downtime or cost.

Turn it on, lock it on your saturated absorption and forget it for years...

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