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January 31 - 6-8pm: Poster presentation "Disruptive laser diode source for embedded LIDAR sensors"

Dr Andreas Kohl (Quantel Laser) will present the poster "Disruptive laser diode source for embedded LIDAR sensors" at Photonics West, San Francisco Moscone Center , CA, USA.

26 January 2017 Back


(Paper #: 10086-29).

Location :


Authors :

Céline Canal, Arnaud Laugustin, Andreas Kohl and Olivier Rabot (Quantel Laser Diodes)

Abstract :

This presentation will bring into the picture a cutting edge laser diode source that can deliver millijoule pulses as short as 15 ns. Already used in photoacoustic handheld medical devices and in active imaging systems for civil-engineering, these laser diode sources are dedicated to systems that needs compactness for short-pulse laser light while providing high peak powers. That also seems to be a requirement for automotive LIDAR to reach a medium detection range of about 100 meters. Further work continues to go beyond the state-of-the art through miniaturization of the laser diodes, which will bring even shorter pulses and contribute to cost savings in their manufacturing.

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