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Quantel - Laser Damage Test Services

Laser Damage Testing Services

Celebrating 30 years of Laser Damage Testing


Laser Damage Threshold

Lumibird is the first independent laser damage test laboratory. Located in the US (Bozeman, Montana), Lumibird has set the standard as the premier laser test lab by providing laser damage testing results for real-world applications that you can trust.

Our labs are designed and well-equipped to meet international ISO standards by providing laser damage threshold tests (LIDT), laser damage certifications, optical density measurements, reflectivity, temperature, vibration, and specialty testing across a large spectrum of wavelengths varying from UV to Far-IR.

Providing 24-hour turnaround times for standard wavelengths, you can get results when you need them.

Laser Induced Damage Threshold Tests (LIDT)

LIDT testing is a destructive test to determine the threshold of permanent laser-induced change in the surface or substrate of a sample.  This change is observed using a high magnification differential interference contrast dark field microscope.  Both 1-on-1 and S-on-1 tests are available in agreement with international ISO standards.

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Laser Damage Certifications

Certification (non-destructive) testing, as defined by international ISO standards, provides a rigorous method to ensure that a sample is capable of handling a predetermined power or energy density with a high level of confidence.  Certification can be performed for a wide variety of applications including: batch sampling, incoming quality assurance, design validation, troubleshooting, etc.  Several test sites (usually chosen on a uniform grid and sampling a representative surface area) are irradiated at one specified combination of fluence, repetition rate, pulse duration, spot size and minimum number of pulses per site.  The sample is observed before and after with an online microscope and damage at any site constitutes a failure. 

Optical Density

Measurement of optical densities can be challenging using standard spectrophotometric equipment.  Absorption can change as function of incident irradiation, polarization, and angle of incidence.   Quantel offers OD measurements at key wavelengths up to 8.0 OD, providing realistic results which are critical in safety related applications such as laser barriers and laser eyewear.

Specialty Testing

With state-of-the-art facilities and decades of experience, Quantel is well suited to provide solutions to even the most difficult tests.  In 2014, a Q-switched Er:YAG laser at 2.94µm was developed for laser induced damage testing of nanotextured optics.  Pulsed laser damage tests conducted by Quantel at a wavelength of 2.94μm show damage thresholds for motheye AR-microstructures etched in ZnSe that are five times higher than thin-film AR-coated ZnSe. For more information, please see the recent news article here.


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