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Lumibird, involved in various programs and projects


Aeolus with laser beam © ESA

Lumibird has been involved in aerospace, space and defense projects for many years; specifically in the design and development of diode-pumped pulsed lasers:

  • onboard systems,
  • missile guidance,
  • LIDAR,
  • document authentification …

Military applications

Lumibird  developed and currently manufactures lasers for target designation and telemetry airborne applications. In collaboration with Thales, Lumibird  supplies a network of integrated fiber components for submarine security in littoral and maritime zones.
Lumibird also manufactures diode IR illuminators that deliver beams at 800 – 900 nm, for active surveillance of zone. The illumination can be made in CW and QCW modes.

Space applications

 For over 20 years, Lumibird has been involved in ESA (European Space Agency) space programs. On ALADIN and the ATLID LIDAR programs, Lumibird  developed the primary power amplifier diode-pumped systems. We also provide long lifetime pumping diodes stacks specifically designed for the environmental conditions in space.

Lumibird has been chosen by NASA as a supplier for the LOLA (Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter) program launched in June 2009.

Lumibird  diodes also equipped the LIBS laser “Chemcam” of the MSL09 NASA mission to Mars. We are a world leader for electro-optic efficiency which is essential for space applications. In only four years, Lumibird increased diode lifetimes by tenfold.


Laser Megajoule

The laser Megajoule (LMJ) is an essential element of the French Atomic Energy Commission Simulation program. The program provides a long-lasting alternative for nuclear simulations after the termination of nuclear tests. Lumibird is involved in the design and manufacturing of the pre-amplification laser modules (PAM). These modules amplify a nanoJoule source up to a Joule level, as well as shape the pulse both spatially and temporally. Lumibird has already manufactured PAMs, in order to equip a LMJ arm (8 beams). As many as 90 PAM will be delivered by the end of the program.