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Custom lasers

Custom systems

Lumibird, a variety of solutions



Lumibird develops, designs and builds custom laser solutions to meet the needs of customers’ application requirements. Lumibird can also modify or upgrade standard lasers to meet specific customer requirements and environmental constraints.


LUMIBIRD custom lasers - a few examples:

  • Pulsed fiber laser amplified to 30 J, with adjustable temporal profile for plasma physics
  • High energy (50 J) free running Nd:Phosphate system with optical fiber coupling for metrology applications at high temperatures
  • Fiber laser sliced at 1 µs and amplified to 5 J, frequency doubled for Raman spectroscopy and temperature measurements with Rayleigh scattering
  • 1.57 μm low divergence OPO for military use
  • Triple pulse UV Nd:YAG system.

Custom lasers for various applications

  • Thermal characterization at high temperature
  • OPCPA or Ti:Sa pumping
  • LIDAR,
  • Thomson scattering
  • LIF
  • Plasma physics
  • Shock generation
  • Your application, etc.


A dedicated team for the users

  • Team of expert engineers and technicians
  • Project management from specification to delivery
  • Customer assistance & training


Possessing a high level of expertise in the high tech laser industry, Lumibird is regularly involved in international research projects, as well as developing systems for military, security and aerospace industries.