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LUMIBIRD is one of the world's leading specialists in lasers. With 50 years of experience and expertise in 3 key technologies - solid-state lasers, laser diodes and fiber lasers - the group designs, manufactures and markets high performance lasers for the industrial (manufacturing, lidar sensors), scientific (laboratories and universities), medical (ophthalmology) and defense markets.

LUMIBIRD (formerly Quantel-Keopsys group) is on the Euronext Stock Exchange and employs 400 people.

With development and manufacturing facilities in France and the USA, and a strong world-wide sales and service network, the group serves a global customer base.

  • Keopsys range from Lumibird comprises fber lasers and fiber amplifiers, CW and pulsed. They can be found on Keopsys web site.
  • Quantel laser range from Lumibird offers a wide range of products that meet the special requirements of industrial, military and scientific applications including:
    • Pulsed solid-state lasers (Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF and Nd:Glass)
    • Fiber lasers for marking and engraving, atom cooling and trapping
    • Tunable dye lasers
    • High power laser diodes.

Lumibird also designs and manufactures custom lasers to meet unique application requirements.

Furthermore, Lumibird offers Laser Damage Test services (Laser Damage Threshold, LAser Durability Certification, Optical Density, Transmission vs. Fluence, Specialty Testing).

Special projects

Lumibird has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing customized lasers for major national and international projects.
Lumibird  has been contracted to supply specific systems for industrial groups throughout the world.

Quality and customer relations

Lumibird stands behind the quality of its products and precisely controls manufacturing processes using the latest technologies.
To assist our customers, technical training sessions on laser operation and maintenance are available on a regularly scheduled basis.
Lumibird strongly encourages customer feedback to improve our technical support. We are constantly striving to improving our customer service and technical support.

Lumibird is a member of:

Lumibird highlights

  • Established: 1970
  • Offices: France, Germany, Poland, USA, Brazil, China, Japan, and Thailand.
  • Employees: 500 worldwide (2019)
  • Distributors worldwide: 110
  • International sales: 80%