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Mittwoch 12. September : vorstellung eines papers auf dem SPIE Security+defence event in Berlin

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Das Thema " "Novel high-energy short-pulse laser diode source for 3D lidar systems" wird von Dr.Andreas Kohl vorgetragen.

Autore : Andreas Kohl, Celine Canal, Arnaud Laugustin, Olivier Rabot

Abstract :This paper presents a novel diode laser source that provides pulses with 10 ns or less with up to mili-jouls of energy. The >100-kW optical peak power became possible due to a new architecture of the diode driver electronics which provides kA class drive currents in very short pulses. Depending on pulse width and pulse energy the pulse repetition frequency can be varied between 10Hz and 500 kHz. With a foot print of 4 cm x 5 cm including both diode source and driver electronics this device is very compact. A high electrical-to-optical efficiency of ~25% for driver + diodes significantly reduces power consumption and generated heat. This laser source is therefore highly suitable for integration in time of flight based flash lidar systems of vehicles, drones and hand held devices. The emission wavelength is in the range of 800-1000 nm which can be considered as eye safe when taking into account the size and divergence of the output beam. Furthermore results are presented with diodes in the SWIR operating at 1550 nm. These diodes were connected to the same driver board. More than 300µJ have been demonstrated at 1550 nm in 50 ns pulses. At this wavelength this is by far higher than the pulse energy of any other laser source of similar compactness. The flash lidar concept does not require any scanning element. It therefore enables highly reliable, simple, compact and low cost 3D lidar systems.

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