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Mardi 30 janvier : Présentation du papier "Ultracompact hermetic laser diode modules for harsh environment"

Guillaume Canat (Keopsys Group) présentera le papier "Ultracompact hermetic laser diode modules for harsh environment" à Photonics West, San Francisco, Etats-Unis.

29 Janvier 2018 Retour


Auteurs :

Y. Candela, G. Canat, S. Rouxel, M. Verdun, F. Nicolas, S. Bordais, M. Le Flohic

Résumé :

We report on a high brightness fiber coupled single element laser diode and its assessment on various harsh conditions.The Ultra Compact Hermetic (UCH) modules (0.7 cm3) are manufactured using a totally glue free process owing toproprietary weld processes and a controlled inner atmosphere. They deliver up to 10W out of the fiber at 25 °C and morethan 8W at 60° C for λ=940nm. UCH modules emitting at 830nm also deliver more than 4.8W at 25°C. We report on therobust behavior of the UCH modules in harsh environment such as vibrations and exposure to radiationsKeywords: single emitter; laser diode; reliability.