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31 janvier, 18h-20h: Présentation du poster "Disruptive laser diode source for embedded LIDAR sensors"

Dr Andreas Kohl (Quantel Laser) présentera le poster "Disruptive laser diode source for embedded LIDAR sensors" à Photonics West, San Francisco Moscone Center, CA, USA.

26 Janvier 2017 Retour


(Paper #: 10086-29).

Lieu :


Auteurs :

Céline Canal, Arnaud Laugustin, Andreas Kohl and Olivier Rabot (Quantel Laser Diodes)

Abstract :

This presentation will bring into the picture a cutting edge laser diode source that can deliver millijoule pulses as short as 15 ns. Already used in photoacoustic handheld medical devices and in active imaging systems for civil-engineering, these laser diode sources are dedicated to systems that needs compactness for short-pulse laser light while providing high peak powers. That also seems to be a requirement for automotive LIDAR to reach a medium detection range of about 100 meters. Further work continues to go beyond the state-of-the art through miniaturization of the laser diodes, which will bring even shorter pulses and contribute to cost savings in their manufacturing.